Presentations SAFECARE Commercial Event

The presentations of the SAFECARE Commercial Event are now available! You can find and download them below!


Morning Session – SAFECARE Conference 


1 – Overview of the SAFECARE Project and End-user benefits – by Mr. P. Tourron (APHM), Mr. P. Petrucci (ASLTO5), and Mr. T. Tervoort (AMC)

2 – Presentation of the SAFECARE architecture – by Mr. D. Lancelin (ACS)

3 – SAFECARE Results Innovation & Scientific point of view – by Ms. E. Maia (ISEP)

3.1 – SAFECARE results from a Research & Technical point of view – by Mr. G. Suciu (BEIA) and Ms. Mari-Anais Sachian (BEIA)

3.2 – SAFECARE main results from a research point of view – by Mr. Z. Li (MLS)

4 – SAFECARE Exploitation – by Mr. L. Moulin (ENC)


Afternoon session – Carousel Stations 


Carousel 1 – Building Threat Monitoring System (BTMS) – was presented by Mr. Z. Li (MLS) through a demo currently available on the Home section of our website

Carousel 2 – Cyber Threat Monitoring System (CTMS) by Mr. M. Morardo (ACS); Orion Malware by Mr. E. Carles (ACS); CyberRange by Mr. E. Cannet (ACS)

Carousel 3 – Impact Propagation and Decision Support Module (IPDSM) & Hospital Availability Management System (HAMS) by Ms. Fatma-Zohra Hannou (CNAM)

Carousel 4 – Threat Response and Alert System (TRAS) & Mobile Alerting System (MAS) by Mr. L. Moulin (ENC)

Carousel 5 – Medical Device Security Monitoring & Risk Management by Ms. E. Van Nijnatten (Philips Healthcare) and Mr. P. Koster (Philips Research)

Carousel 6 – End-users and risk-management / Integration of the SAFECARE solutions – Roleplay on risk simulation to facilitate SAFECARE integration by Mr. P. Tourron (APHM), Mr. F. Nodot (APHM), and Mr. S. Nardy (SPF).