RESISTO project an innovative solution for Communication Infrastructure providing holistic (cyber/physical) situation awareness and enhanced resilience. RESISTO will help Communications Infrastructures Operators to take the best countermeasures and reactive actions exploiting the combined use of risk and resilience preparatory analyses, detection and reaction technologies, applications and processes in the physical and cyber domains.


DEFENDER project will adapt, integrate, upscale, deploy and validate a number of different technologies and operational blueprints with a view to develop a new approach to safeguard existing and future European CEI operation over cyber-physical-social threats, based on novel protective concepts for lifecycle assessment, resilience and self-healing offering “security by design” and advanced intruder inspection and incident mitigation systems


ANASTACIA project aims at addressing cyber-security concerns by researching, developing and demonstrating a holistic solution enabling trust and security by-design for Cyber Physical Systems (CPS) based on IoT and Cloud architectures. ANASTACIA will thus develop a trustworthy-by-design security framework which will be able to take autonomous decisions through the use of new networking technologies such as Software Defined Networking and Network Function Virtualisation.