Physical Security Solutions


SAFECARE will research security and crisis management solutions in health infrastructures to identify the requirements of all involved stakeholders and to define complex scenarios combining cyber and physical security threats. This will allow us to analyse the state-of-the-art of physical and cyber security solutions and detail the most common physical and cyber vulnerabilities. Taking this into account, the requirements of health and security practitioners’ in terms of physical security solutions, cyber security solutions, crisis management, communication and coordination strategies can be defined, and will inform the final solution that SAFECARE develops.

Lead Partner: Milestone

Partners Involved: AP-HM, CCS, EMAUG, ENOVACOM, SpFrance, CNAM, KU Leuven, ISMB, CSI, ASL TO5, EOS, AMC, Milestone, Forescout, PEN, PMS, FMI, KEMEA, BEIA, SGSP

Research Publications:

Digital Twins and Semantic Data Fusion for Security in a Healthcare Environment – MILESTONE