Deliverables and Publications


Deliverable: Specification of the IT Threat Detection System

This document provides the specification of machine learning functionalities to be developed in the frame of the SAFECARE project in order to detect APTs and zero-day attacks on…

Deliverable: Specification of the Intrusion Detection System

This deliverable covers the specification for physical intrusion and fires, based on the combination of video analytics, access control and other physical sensors. Lead Author: Milestone Specification of the Intrusion…

Deliverable: Specification of the Hospital Availability Management System

This document contains the specification of the Hospital Availability Management System (HAMS) to be later implemented in continuation of the cyber-physical research that SAFECARE is undertaking. The document…

Deliverable: Specification of the Global Architecture

This deliverable provides an overview of the overall architecture and describes each system and its interconnections to insure consistency between the systems, so that the objective of SAFECARE…

Deliverable: Specification of the E-health Devices Security Analytics

This document provides the description and design specification of E-health device security analytics solution. This solution collects data from medical devices, performs analytics to derive meaningful security data,…

Deliverable: Specification of the Central Database

This document provides specifications of the central database in order to produce and design the conceptual model of the central database, which will be used in the future…

Deliverable: Specification of the BMS Threat Detection System

This deliverable  details the specification of an innovative network-based Intrusion Detection System (IDS) to be developed by Forescout that leverages in-depth protocol parsing and is specifically designed to…

Deliverable: Specification of Data Collection System

This deliverable presents the main ideas about the data collection systems which will be proposed in the architecture and the challenges which it will face in the project….

Deliverable: Initial State of the Art Regarding Security and Known Vulnerabilities

To develop a useful and comprehensive protection system it is crucial study the security and crisis management solutions in health infrastructures already known. It is also very important…

Deliverable: Analysis of Ethics, Privacy and Confidentiality Restraints

This deliverable adopts a legal and ethical approach in order to provide legal and ethical guidance to the SAFECARE Consortium Partners in the development and testing of technologies…

“Cyber-Physical Threat Intelligence for Critical Infrastructures Security” Chapters

The SAFECARE project contributed four chapters to the Open Access book “Cyber-Physical Threat Intelligence for Critical Infrastructures Security” which  is available via the publishers website. SAFECARE also contributed to the editing of the book, and will be contributing to the second volume, due to be published Spring 2021.

Security Challenges for the Critical Infrastructures of the Healthcare Sector

Security Systems in the Healthcare Sector

Integrated Cyber-Physical Security

Cyber-Physical Threat Intelligence for Critical Infrastructures Security



Risk Assessment and Solution Requirements

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Integrated cyber-physical security solutions