Research Goals

SAFECARE is conducting research in four areas:

  • Healthcare infrastructure threat assessment and solution requirements
  • Physical security solutions for Healthcare infrastructure
  • Cybersecurity solutions for Healthcare infrastructure
  • Integrated Cyber-Physical security solutions for Healthcare infrastructure

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Risk Assessment and Solution Requirements

SAFECARE will research security and crisis management solutions in health infrastructures to identify the requirements of all involved stakeholders and to define complex scenarios combining cyber and physical security threats. This will allow us to analyse the state-of-the-art of physical and cyber security solutions and detail the most common physical and cyber vulnerabilities.

Taking this into account, the requirements of health and security practitioners’ in terms of physical security solutions, cyber security solutions, crisis management, communication and coordination strategies can be defined, and will inform the final solution that SAFECARE develops.

Physical Security Solutions

SAFECARE aims to reduce the cost and inefficiency of physical security efforts through several means: automating the inspection of video streams to reduce the need for manual monitoring; correlate access management and fire detection with video monitoring; provide monitoring tools to improve physical threat detection and to report the appropriate level of risk and to enhance incident response.

SAFECARE will also research means to provide greater situational awareness and the ability to report threats through mobile devices, as well as develop a system to monitor buildings by visualising information from subsystems such as access management, video management and fire detections systems.

Cyber Security Solutions

SAFECARE will research cybersecurity concepts related to health services such as e-Health, IT and BMS systems, to increase prevention and detection capabilities on threats and Advanced Persistent Threats in health services and infrastructure. The project will also provide monitoring tools in order to improve cyberthreats detection and to report the appropriate level of risk and to enhance incident response.

Integrated cyber-physical security solutions

SAFECARE will create a security solution that centralises cyber and physical incidents in a unique database in near real time. SAFECARE will simulate impact propagation and cascading effects of attacks in health services, based upon combinations of physical and cyber security threats.

This analysis will lead to the triggering of automated reaction plans for the relevant security practitioners to improve incident response and impact mitigation, therefore improving health services resilience and availability for patients and victims.