Cybercriminality Interview with Philippe Tourron

Belgian newspaper, La Libre, has conducted an interview with SAFECARE Project Coordinator, Philippe Tourron of APHM. In the interview, Philippe discusses the ongoing cyber attacks that hospitals face, and the way in which the SAFECARE research will help fight against cyber and physical attacks.

In the interview, Philippe points out the worries that hospital security teams have: “The attacks are not increasing drastically at the moment, but there are targeted offensives on health systems in several European countries. As for the Covid- 19, we are trying to prepare for a wave. Even if a certain number of hackers have more or less envisaged a truce of attacks, we suspect that it will be far from being respected by criminals who act permanently. sees that there are data that can be of interest. Like the places where masks, products, drugs are stored. ”

He further details the attacks that hospitals have seen throughout the crisis, which are listed on the website here, and the anticipated increase in crime related to healthcare infrastructure as a result of the crisis, and how hospitals are preparing for this.


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