Physical Security Solutions

SAFECARE aims to reduce the cost and inefficiency of physical security efforts through several means: automating the inspection of video streams to reduce the need for manual monitoring; correlate access management and fire detection with video monitoring; provide monitoring tools to improve physical threat detection and to report the appropriate level of risk and to enhance incident response. SAFECARE will also research means to provide greater situational awareness and the ability to report threats through mobile devices, as well as develop a system to monitor buildings by visualising information from subsystems such as access management, video management and fire detections systems.

Lead Partner: Milestone

Partners Involved: KU Leuven, LINKS, CSI, ASLTO5, BEIA

Research Results:

Sensors Fusion Approach Using UAVs and Body Sensors – BEIA

Weather Monitoring for Predicting Thermal Comfort and Energy Efficiency – BEIA

Low-Power IoT Devices for Measuring Environmental Values – BEIA

Facial Analysis Method for Pain Detection – BEIA

Collaborative Object Recognition for Parking Management – BEIA

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