SAFECARE Project Presented at the Mediterranean Security Event 2019

The SAFECARE project was presented at theĀ Mediterranean Security Event 2019 by Coordinator Olivier Theveneau, during the last week of October. Taking place over three days on the island of Crete, the MSE 2019 broguht otgether over 300 researchers and policymakers from the security research field, with representatives from over 20 countries present, as well as from the European insitutions. SAFECARE was part of a panel on Protection of Critical Infrastructure and Public Spaces alognside other European research projects such as STEPWISE, SATIE and DEFENDER.

Olivier Theveneau represented SAFECARE on the panel, presenting the consortium, the research goals and the progress of the project, highlighting key successes achieved such as the state of the art and risk assessments. Olivier then detailed how the project would be creating an integrated cyber-physical security systems and the stages of development that the product will go through. He then had the opportunity to repsond to questions from the audience, before leaving the floor to the other projects.

SAFECARE was also featured in the exhibition hall, that had been set up to allow the co-organisers to present their projects and research more informally, in a ‘rowing’ format: walking and standing presentations and questions and answers. This allowed participants and audience members to ask questions on the more technical aspects of the projects as well as seek out potential collaborative opportunities, based upon shared research areas. Given the number of projects that were presented that were involved in protection of infrastructure, this was a welcome oppportunity to meet and discuss future activities together, as well as specifics of the current research.

Overall, the Mediterranean Security Event 2019 was an excellent opportunity to mmet other researchers in the security field and hear their opinions on the SAFECARE project, as well as identifying many future opportunities and partners with whom the project can collaborate with at events and panels.


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