SAFECARE Project holds first Awareness Event

SAFECARE held its first event on 18 September, bringing together practitioners from across Europe to discuss cyber-physical security of infrastructure and SAFECARE’s contribution to the field. SAFECARE coordinator Olivier Theveneua, hosted the event, which saw contributions from the SAFECARE researchers on the project results so far, and from other stakeholders from the field: FINSEC, who are researching financial security systems, and the SPHINX project, who are researching cybersecurity for healthcare IT infrastructure.

The discussions focused on the cybersecurity of hospitals, the physical security systems and developments and the technical aspects of integrating the two systems into a new security system for hospitals, with explanations and demonstrations being provided by SAFECARE researchers.

Barry Norton from Milestone System explains the video management aspect of physical security and how this integrates into the cyberphysical security system.


Isabel Praca, from ISEP, explains the risk assessments and requirements of critical infrastructure security for healthcare that informs the project framework.


Elisabetta Biasin, from KU Leuven, explains her research on the legal aspects of cybersecurity and its impact on the project.


Faycal Hamdi, from CNAM, discussing the integration of cyber and physical security threats, and how the SAFECARE solution will handle these threats.


Brinda Hampiholi from Philips explains the cybersecurity architecture of the project.

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